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Alrihkh An ambitious endeavour worthy of accolades for it’s undertaking alone. A fitting end for the trilogy. However, although I admire Phideaux’s achievement here, nothing on this album impacts me strongly. I suspect it is just a matter of myself lacking a greater affinity to these particular songs. I like the spacey female vocals, & some of the songs have catchy moments, but overall I find this album pretty average fare. 7/10. Favorite track: the sleepers wake.
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Avionix Many albums with the level of anticipation this one had fail to deliver. Not so with Infernal, it's a stunning conclusion to perhaps the greatest trilogy in music history. Over a year and a half later and its songs are still swirling in my head constantly. Favorite track: inquisitor.
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Oddball 11 years since Doomsday Afternoon and 7 years since anything else, it's finally here: Infernal!

This is Phideaux's Tales from Topographic Oceans or Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. It's massive and incredibly ambitious, but they've pulled it off with more aplomb than those mommoth double album classics.

It isn't as hooking as Doomsday or 7, but it's a very fitting extension and conclusion to the trilogy with plenty great moments all its own.

Fans of the band should enjoy spotting the references. Favorite track: cast out and cold.
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markyjoe1990 Eh. It just sort of grew on me. Favorite track: inquisitor.
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cast out and cold in spite of all we saved, the mortal cast away lately i’m confused, what more is there to lose? to the fuse we lit and let loose... we came down from the stars and out of night we came down from the stars and out of night we came down from the stars and into light we gazed into the fires as they ignited from the stars we came we were excited oh, but time smooths the stone here we’re alone cut loose, cast out and cold we saw the stars of night’s forgotten link but somehow now we’re sheep who do not think the spider sitting pretty in his web the bringer of tomorrow has been fed the crowd is into gloom, they worship dread castaways, like flies above the dead tell me cloud about the sun got to stop the darkness that’s begun nothing seems to make the beams come through every invocation is refused
the error lives on if you catch them at the station you must ask them what they need must the whole of civilization just collapse in to chaos and greed if you catch them at the station before the body bombs blow just a quick enhanced interrogation we must find out all they know while we’re having this chat the question escapes: can all this be wrong? all this fighting connects to something i swear the error lives on the error lives on did you catch them did you find them and expose them so all will see we can crack them and their obstruction and conduct them to where nobody leaves we’ve been waiting for this dissention yes, we all have our roles for the show just a taste of pure investigation let a hundred blossoms grow do not fear, all we want to do is talk just some names and then you walk away wait! i can’t hear don’t you want to tell me something ‘cos i hate to stand here wondering i get bored, you’ll feel pain and so little time remains stop playing games
crumble 00:55
crumble who will speak for everything the world at war, the stolen spring the winds that rage across the plain in silence and in pain who will weep for what we’ve lost glaciers melted, permafrost for sands that trespass far from home to choke all that we’ve known
inquisitor 08:20
inquisitor further on the tiger waits he knows his meal is close to taste the factions fighting blindly keep him smiling and just when he may want to pounce the voice of reason starts to sound but no one thought to get it down in writing well time’s a stealer, money walks and all we get’s an empty box but the debtor court is gleaming brightly meanwhile as the tiger smiles we gather in a single file and sleepwalk sleepwalk nightly so all the dreaming people arriving in their line whilst he remains in hiding all in good time high above the eagle-flies drones are watching from the skies they supervise, they supervise so am i being ominous or don’t you think they notice us just pieces in their game but she’s out there wailing beware the sunrise when all the world is watching all in real time mum’s the word we have to say our father left us far away but always we’re crawling back trust me, we are past between where something real is happening down the rabbit hole to find the tracks those hypnotizing mesmerists the greedy black-ops alchemists disinformation – it’s theirs to share if you have to go away i’ll make a place to stowaway i’ll hide you there, i’ll hide you there shake off the breakdown there’s something to see our whole human fortune is on the retreat let’s turn around now, position our ears expect the solution there’s nothing to fear fear, the great inquisitor that never welcome visitor who brings us pain with no attack looking through two vacant eyes it’s sure to come as no surprise you try to get away it wants you back but deep down undercover where all good secrets go we’ll wait in the corner in faith the truth will show deep under cover wait in faith all they want to know is what we’ve done abandon any hope it has begun no, they can’t believe we struggled on in the silence ‘cos we were convinced that the answer was coming clear out the wreckage prepare it for seed it’s always been fertile but we were deceived nothing is broken and everything clears we’re all here together together, we are here
we only have eyes for you you better run, you better hide, leave it all behind you you better run, you better hide, leave it all and go well the road is getting narrow and we’re getting to the brink don’t wait until tomorrow, it’s closer than you think pink and yellow, yellow and pink you better run, try to hide, take it to the mountains you better leave, you gotta know there’s no compromise you better run, you better climb and pray that they don’t find you you better leave, you gotta go, no time for goodbyes just leave your shops and houses, just leave it all behind they’ve got their ways to find you, so you better hide you don’t control me, so keep your hands to yourself move out through the meadow, it might just pass you by let go of all connections, beware the eagle eye take it to the mountains, where we all can disappear they’ve been watching us forever but still we are here well the road is getting narrow and we’re getting to the brink pink and yellow, it’s closer than you might think you don’t control me, so keep your hands to yourself and you don’t own me, you never have
sourdome 01:30
the walker 04:39
the walker he walks on water til the end of days he walks on water and then he walks away and if you’re standing close at hand we’ll smile together as it all ends i see the end falling, i feel the end go to him – surrender i hear the end calling, call me back again
wake the sleeper some days it takes me down with useless conversations of things that we can’t see and though connecting now to endless information the desert of creation – help me out
c99 03:24
c99 take me to your leader that i may be reborn take me to your leader that there i may reform take me to your leader, walk me over water preserve the order and throw away the key
tumbleweed 04:58
tumbleweed who will speak when all is done a world asleep, a waiting son the winds that sweep across the land as molecules make plans who will cry for all that’s gone childhood stories old men’s songs in the empty village square the tumbleweed spores prepare isaac watches through his tears as abraham draws voices near i would give my life for you i wish to god you knew when the world began to stray i’m not so sure that i can say who will come to fight for you when they train their lights on you in the empty village square most people wouldn’t dare to care eyes are searching from afar to steal tomorrow, maybe more and if this rage upon us stings it’s just the end of everything the end we saw begin who will speak for all of this who will stop the ventriloquist hurry now ‘cos if we fail the tumbleweed will prevail
the order of protection (one) do you see how the shepherd herds the sheep he protects them for their meat – we bleat, we bleat do you see (or do you choose to believe) that the cage will set you free imprisonment and tea
metro deathfire oh you can see the signs on the horizon forming the smoke cannot be disguised so you drive over lands beset by grief to seek relief you’ll never find if you fly, if you go where no one else dare tried i can guarantee your survival if you follow me pray, pray that you will never know the souls that you left behind the strain works upon your eyes so let them close, it’s better to be blind and try, you can go where no one’s left alive i can guarantee your survival if you just agree no time for indignation, new worlds to gain...
transit 01:13
in dissonance we play we came down from the stars and into light we came unto this world from out of night we came down from the stars and into light so look out there’s a fire, it’s burning white it’s coming soon you cannot stop the fight chaos is nigh, feed the supply you’ll feel it in your bones the crowd is high on gloom and drunk on dread still busy dealing doom and feeling dead passed out in the room upon the bed where sirens take your mind but give you head tell me cloud about the sun are you two ashamed of what’s become? nothing of integrity or truth everyone can see, but there’s no proof
the sleepers wake one day it may arise amidst a rare condition unrest is best ignored the faithful are interred in deep contained foundations that keep us evermore obscured so saintly round we go in duty to the mission and hungry for a score to bring in more the battlefield is set with pieces of an endgame in dissonance of mind we all play, we all play the storm is surging through in waves of expectation they rattle at the door so sure – keep it pure, keep it pure the sisters are sleeping and cannot be disturbed the sisters are sleeping, their world preserved but order is crumbling and the rumbling maelstrom is heard the convent is shaking, it is breaking the rampage awakens and sleep is forsaken as day comes into view, i struggle to remember though only just a pawn i’m strong it’s just one tiny step through wreckage and debris it dawns on me: we can see
the order of protection (two) do you see what is lost can be retrieved what is broken be redeemed well it could be, who else can guarantee but me? i believe we are witness to reprieve, once forsaken now in league and i’m here to guarantee there’s nothing else you need but me!
from hydrogen to love the bringer of the future never thinking of the past he’s been waiting here forever and he knows we can not last but time is so slow and we are not blind the gates still stand open there’s something left to find with you go i deliverer and teacher if we only had today would we wail about tomorrow would we wallow in our pain? call the keeper sleeping soundly from his colourless cocoon now’s the time to suffer loudly there’s no shelter from the truth there’s no shelter from the truth there’s no shelter we go with you with you go i all the way through over the side with you go i all the way through we go with you with you go i over the side we go with you satan’s angels fly, satan’s angels try satan’s angels cry the author of misfortune ever wishing for a loss all he knows has been forgotten no one thought about the cost he keeps hoping for redemption he is looking for the perfect cross time is still slow, nothing left to hide so tear up the story and smash away the design with you go i destroyer, destroyer we’re coming much closer we know what you’re after and now we are wiser the bringer of the future never thinking of the past he’s a master concealer but does he know what’s in the glass? collector, collector always wishing for what you had not that lonely cycle of suction it felt so good you forgot and as the trophy draws nearer the revealer is unmasked the illuminant is made clearer and the way is lit at last the force that gave us everything from hydrogen to love through the spark of consciousness see, the purpose comes the force that gave us everything and love i’m only dreaming of times that we survived i’m only thinking of all that is alive i’m only losing the storm that formed in me and that was illusion confusion underneath so long to that thief i’m only dreaming of those who said goodbye who lived a day to try i’m only thinking of all we have inside and things we let go by i’m only thinking
eternal 05:45
eternal as you can see it’s easy to ignore the warnings and we barely are inclined indeed as faces gaze into what’s coming it seems most of them don’t mind and you can see the line is long but still it’s forming the crowd, never ending tide as they stare into a world they failed to notice at least no one is surprised but they cry as though there’s nothing left to try well it could be still they’re on the outside watching the joke seems too hard to find so they stay it isn’t ours to question all that we’ll leave most of them behind if we fly if we go where no one goes alive i can guarantee our survival if you’re there with me if we strain our eyes we can make it through the darkest night i can guarantee our survival if you stay with me if you stay with me i can guarantee our survival if you stay with me i can guarantee our survival if you’re there with me if you’re there with me rain - carrying the ocean rage - carrying the day rain - showering emotion rage - following the way rage - powering the motion rage - carrying the day bring down the rain
endgame – an end do not fear all we want to do is talk only words and then your thoughts wait! i can’t hear don’t you want to tell me something? ‘cos i hate to stand here wondering i get bored, you feel pain and so little time remains to be bored and feel pain your reward for a well played game


Double the Doom, Twice the Fun

US based artist Phideaux Xavier makes his long awaited return from a seven year hiatus with Infernal. The much anticipated release is a double album of fear, terror, and perhaps a ray of hope.

Infernal is the final installment of Phideaux’s trilogy of albums that
began in 2006 with The Great Leap. The second installment, Doomsday Afternoon, was a bombastic and complex opus, utilizing a 12 piece section of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra among a bevy of other musicians, old and new. Released in 2007, Doomsday garnered the attention of the progressive rock communities in the US and Europe. The many accolades and increasing interest led to invitations for Phideaux to play various festivals and inaugurated the Phideaux "band".

While Phideaux has released other albums since Doomsday
Afternoon (Number Seven, Snowtorch), Infernal returns to the stunning
artwork and musical DNA from which the first two albums in the trilogy were created. The singular "eco terror tale" continues with Infernal. Cryptic, melodic, mysterious and frightening, this new release is all one might hope to find within Phideaux’s new double creation. Infernal is "the end we saw begin”. At last.


released August 31, 2018

the end we saw begin

side one
cast out and cold
the error lives on

side two
we only have eyes for you
the walker
wake the sleeper

side three
the order of protection (one)
metro deathfire
in dissonance we play
the sleepers wake
the order of protection (two)

side four
from hydrogen to love
endgame – an end

produced and engineered by gabriel moffat
at firehouse recording studios

second engineer: aaron field
additional vocals recorded by paul roessler
at kitten robot studios

performed by:
bloody rich hutchins – drums, low destroyer
ariel farber – violin, vocals
valerie gracious – vocals
mathew kennedy – bass guitar
gabriel moffat – dobro, solo & electric guitar
linda ruttan moldawsky – vocals
molly ruttan – vocals
mark sherkus – keyboards
johnny unicorn – saxophones, keyboards, high destroyer, vocals
phideaux xavier – piano, guitar, vocals

andy camou – trumpet
stefanie fife – cello
frank valentini – handclaps

backing vocals - doug moldawsky, nina moldawsky, caroline oster, mary kelly weir

songs discovered by phideaux xavier with:
mark sherkus, rich hutchins (inquisitor intro)
gabe moffat, mathew kennedy, rich hutchins (sourdome, c99)
mark sherkus, johnny unicorn (endgame – an end)

arrangements by the band

paintings by molly ruttan
in honour of the master seers hieronymous bosch and salvador dali

thanks to dr. jeri riggs & r. weis for lyric oversight; danielle faraldo for sense and sensibility

© 2018 bloodfish music (bmi) | artwork © 2018 by molly ruttan


all rights reserved




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