by Phideaux

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released March 20, 2011

Ariel Farber: Vocals, Violin

Valerie Gracious: Vocals

'Bloody' Rich Hutchins: Drums

Mathew Kennedy: Bass Guitar

Gabriel Moffat: Electric Guitar

Linda Ruttan Moldawsky: Vocals

Molly Ruttan: Vocals, Metal Percussion

Mark Sherkus: Keyboards, Piano

Johnny Unicorn: Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals

Phideaux Xavier: Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Special assistance from

Stefanie Fife: Cello

Chris Bleth: Flute, Soprano Saxophone



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Track Name: Snowtorch (Part One)

Star of light, see what you gave
You cheated away the cold dark night
Edge of a blade, let’s meet at the grave
Of the wax figurines
Ice melts, upsets the sea, submit, follow me
Walk with me now in the sunlight
Daylight, down with the night
Invincible light, are you back with us now?
Source of all reason, I’ve come alive
“Finally,” I cried. And it’s me, I have arrived
Now, is this the seed rooting in me?
Is it the tree that I wanted to climb?
Down or high, my senses strive on
For all I can see
Tell me how the planet was formed
In a gas cloud, out of dust we were born
Are you dusty, my figurehead friends?
What’s it feel like to come to the end?
So tell me, have you any regrets?
From your glass house can you see what you’ve set
Are you listening to the things that they’ve said
In your diary — the book of the dead
See the helix alive, we cast you aside and thrive
So come now and we’ll settle the bet
It’s a dark hour that you’ll never forget
Is it lonely as you take in the next to last breath
And die


I bring to you the words you threw
into my face once before
I’m only here to spread some fear
I need you to know you will die
And not very nicely — surprise!
I know what you need
I promise you, when we get through
You might not believe but I tried
Your head will scream: divide with me
Emerge like a new butterfly
Purge all the worms left inside
(birds want a good time)
So don’t evade the surgeon’s blade
Cos the answer could be in your mind
Maybe one cut and we’ll find
We’re just a wavelength behind
But we are entwined
And I know what you need


When is a fox not a fox?
When it hides in the rocks and prepares to reveal itself
Dropping the guise to expose
That it knows what you don’t want to show
Why are we swerving to stop at the top of the clock
Like we really could save ourselves
What if I said that the world doesn’t end in the end
But continues to mend itself
How can you count the amount
Of a mountain that sprouts
If you’re not there when it comes out

CeLeSTINe (instrumental)
Track Name: Helix

Tell me, when the planet was formed
Was it easy to believe there was more
Were we learning to expand and explore
Did we weather the storm?
Or get lost in the dust of disturbance and cloud
Caught in the force of the shadow of doubt
Feel the helix alive, feel it inside
So tell me how to lose the regret
The glass sits more than half empty yet
Salvation in one last cigarette
I might want to forget
Or get lost in the rush of distraction and lust
Take one little step
To the end where you must
Everything depends on a moment of trust
Come and be seen
And you’re saved from the dust
So come now and let’s settle the debt
It’s a wager I don’t want to accept
I’ll keep looking, maybe this is a test
To get up from the sloth and face what I see
In for the kill that is coming for me
All it feeds on is pleasure
All it values is crass
It’s depraved beyond measure
But it’s top of the class
Every god is a letdown
All heroes are false
So there ends the lesson
It’s a hell of a course
Track Name: Snowtorch (Part Two)
BLOWTORCH SNOWJOB (instrumental)


When is a man just a mouse?
When he hides in the house and ignores what is happening
Covers his eyes to the lies that he tells
So he won’t have to know
Hiding away from the fray In a hole in the wall
In a world become small. Nothing to say
Cause the cat got his tongue and then he lost his balls
What if I said that he might not be dead in the head
But instead he is opening
Into his eyes and his ears it appears that he hears
And it’s always been happening
How can you halt the assault of ideas from the box
When Pandora destroyed the lock?
I’ll bet you probably want to stay away
From all the things you found
Cos it’s bound to drag you down
It takes you further from home
You try to crush your doubts but there’s so damn many now
What will it take to erase the mistakes from the day
When the Fox threw it all away


Look: The unseen escape
Break from the known, take what you own
Cause, or is it some effect straight for your neck
straight for the wreck that is luring you near
Isolate and take what you get
I don’t want to know, say it’s not so
Out on my own, I’m pleading uncertainty
It’s a long way home, a long way home again
A long way alone
Ice, nice, it gets you so cold, but you don’t even know
What feelings you’ve folded in again
Night fight — I know what I know: That it’s not easy
Bring me stones and all I can eat from these bones
Is this fortress all my own?
I see, branches around, they surround me, stairs going down
I hear breaking — what is that sound?
It’s confusing and, boy, is it loud
Down where there is light, sound, spectrum of night
When we fell to the ground
In the madness, something came out
And it’s moving, dissolving the doubt
These words, these beautiful vowels
Storming around from the silence where everything’s found
Always looming, like rain from a cloud
Words, and all that’s aroused