Doomsday Afternoon

by Phideaux

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Jason Lenting
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Jason Lenting Microdeath Softstar is a grand culmination of all the themes presented in prior tracks and a sublime conclusion to the masterpiece of an album that Phideaux' Doomsday Afternoon is. Favorite track: Microdeath Softstar.
Javier Benitez Herrero
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Javier Benitez Herrero Amazing. Best prog music in years... Favorite track: Crumble.
Oddball thumbnail
Oddball The monumental second entry in a soon to be completed three part dystopian concept album suite, Doomsday Afternoon is soap opera director come gothic prog-rocker Xavier Phideaux's Opus. And it is in a word, stunning.

I'll be extremely up front. This is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. I've had a burned copy I've listened to death since about 2009. It was way past time I paid my dues. Favorite track: Microdeath Softstar.
Pedro Macedo
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Pedro Macedo I also like Progressive Rock!
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released June 21, 2007

Ariel Farber: Vocals, Handclaps

Valerie Gracious: Piano, Vocals

Rich Hutchins: Drums

Mathew Kennedy: Bass Guitar

Gabriel Moffat: Lap Steel Guitar, Solo & Electric Guitar, Textures, Treatments, Transitions

Linda Ruttan Moldawsky: Vocals

Molly Ruttan: Vocals

Mark Sherkus: Hammond B3, Minimoog, Arp String Ensemble, Korg Karma, Sampler

Phideaux Xavier: Piano, Rhodes, Moog Voyager, 6 & 12 String Guitar, Vocals


Patti Amelotte: Hammered Dulcimer (1, 6)

Steve Dundon: Flute (9)

Rob Martino: Flute (3)

Martin Orford: Synthesizer solo (9)

Matthew Parmenter: Violin, Vocals (1, 6, 9, 10)

Johnny Unicorn: Hammond B3, Moog Voyager, Handclaps, Vocals (3, 10)

Joel Weinstein: Solo and Electric Guitar (5, 10)

Orchestral Sections

Violin: Mark Baranov, Bing Wang

Viola: Richard Elegino, Jerry Epstein, Dale Silverman, Elizabeth Wilson

Cello: Stefanie Fife, Barry Gold, Jason Lippman

Bass: Dennis Trembly

French Horn: Brian Drake, Bruce Hudson

Trumpet: Boyde Hood, James Wilt

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet: Chris Bleth

Scored & Conducted by: Paul Rudolph

Copyist: Liz Finc



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Micro Softdeathstar

Is it too much for you too soon
Does it haunt you?
Are you afraid to follow through

Is it too much for you too soon
Like perfume
When it turns on you

Fear sucks the senses like a leak
Feast upon the emptiness that is increased
All you need is time
But time recedes behind

I’d like to say I’m wrong
The passing years don’t seem that long
The stream of fate goes on and on and on

I’d like to say I’m strong
Never do I feel afraid
Of all the mistakes I made
Along the way

Fear stalks you like a beast
Feast upon the loneliness that is unleashed
But all we need is time
All we need is time
But time retreats behind

Through the eye of time go I
Through the eye of time go I

Stalk the senses, stalk the Beast
Stalk the senses, come the Beast

By the side of all we knew
We sat and talked and sat and talked

Up around the river bend
I was separated from you
Up around the river bend
We were separated in two

If you pass them at the station
You must ask them what they see
If you walk away without question
You will never find what you seek

All those worries were wrong
Worse was what had begun

Did you diddle, did you daddle
Did you run away from the scene?
Where is sanctuary from the battle
That is coming into being
There’s no walkabout on the morning
Of the day of catastrophe
If you wake up finding it boring
Try ignoring what you see

Bring down the rain
To wash what remains

Running down the fire escape
I burn myself but that's okay
Keep on moving keep the faith
That maybe we can get away
Waiting for the winds to change
And radiation blows away
I scan the crowds for signs of you
I'll wait for you
I'll wait for you

I’m only losing
Storms may be round me
There’s no illusion for me

If you walk away without question
Will you recognize what you see
On the morning of the disaster
That is vaster than you’d believe

All my anger is gone
Only sadness hangs on
Worse is what has begun
It has begun

There’s no illusion
Stars may be lonely
No more intrusion of me
There is nothing left for me
There is nothing more from me

I'm singing to the rain
I'm singing to the rain
Track Name: Candybrain

The Sisters of illusion
Sell delusion at the show
It is said they've wed for wisdom
If it kissed them, they wouldn't even know
Still the marchers walk beside them
Inclined to agree: "If it's written, we believe
It will come, you'll see"

The converts come together
They're gathered to begin
And they swear their oaths forever
Slip chips down into the skin
So the Keepers are inside them
Provide them what they need
To transmit and to receive
When they're in, they don't leave

The convent is waiting it's time to go in
Gather the faithful let vespers begin

...And this is what they say
Track Name: The Doctrine of Eternal Ice (Part Two)

Do you wait for me, do you wait for me now
All time long - All night long
Do you wait for me, will you wait for me now
All night long - All night long

Innocent? It could go either way
“Satan” has come… again
Bringing some of his friends

He has won - His boys are having fun
Hatred I can see you’ve won this time
Satan’s angels swarm to catch the tide
Satan's Angels fly

I’m only dreaming of a time when I’ll survive
I’m only thinking of a way to turn back time
I’m only weeping
Cuz the sounds that rang around have all died down

Climbing up the fire escape
I can not move but that's okay
I tell myself that you'll be here
I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you

Bring down the rain
Bring down the rain
Track Name: Thank You for the Evil

Over hill and over dale
The poison pollen’s blowing happy trail
By the side of fetid pools
They sat and talked of following the rules

It’s been gutting them
To know it never ends
Obedience and sin

Locked down in the safety net
Opiated by the television set
Remember that you had a choice
Opened up your mouth and had a voice

All you need to know is what you’ve done
Set aside a future for no one

She began to question her conditioning
She ate the apple hungrily
He was less inclined to see
His subjugation under the authorities
They know you - They know you

She became what they would say was just
An agitator in the way
He’d become what was to some an Enemy of the State
All we want to know is what you’ve done
Set about the future for no one
I said all you’ve got to do is what you’ve done
Set about the future for no one

By the side of all we knew
We knew
I was separated from you
Track Name: A Wasteland of Memories

If you catch them at the station
You must ask them what they see
If you walk away without question
You will never find what you seek

Look away there's no escape
They've got you in the database
Track Name: Crumble

Do not speak of withered trees
Of lichen strangled coverings
And life just barely in the leaves
It will not be undone

Do not speak of what we've seen
Of water choking algae
And dust where fountains used to be
It will not be undone
A wilderness unraveling
We've only just begun

Do not speak of ice retreat
Of islands eaten by the sea
And industry economy
We've only just begun
We've only just begun
It will not be undone

Do not speak, oh do not speak
your tongue is dry your voice is weak
the time has passed for words to seek
it will not be undone
Track Name: Formaldehyde

I can see wind upon the rise
Here under glass I can see
Outside in formaldehyde
Waiting to set myself free

Up around the river bend I was separated from you
You became a citizen of a world held like a zoo
One step through the airlock
Where the chemicals can't get through
Up around the river bend I was separated from you

Like the ocean drips from the sky
I sit here just waiting to be
I can see specimens in the jars
Waiting to be

Up around the river bend the specialists changed you
You became a prisoner of a world kept like a zoo

Outside, real life- waiting for you and for me
Outside all our lives - awaiting the chance to be

Get away from me
Get away from me now - it’s all wrong
It’s too late for me - it’s too late for me now
It’s all gone - you have gone
Will you pray for me - will you pray for me now
All night long

Up around the river bend - up around the bend
Satan's Angels fly

Hey everybody don’t you know we can go outside
Yeah, we can party in the formaldehyde

Track Name: Microdeath Softstar

The Bringer of the Future
Casts a shadow, watch it grow
He extends a single finger
Cuz there's only one way to go
And the Watchers on the sidelines
Polite to a tee like contestants on tv
They are you - they are me

So come round all you faithful
Watch him gather up the gold
When he's got the lot he lingers
Just to savour what he has sold
And the mesmerized are silent
Too stunned to believe
What their eyes have finally received
This is not a bad dream

Come now and witness
Time to behold
All we have planted
Has sprouted and grown

Was it enough for you? Did it please you?
Let the poison through
Was it enough for you? No perfume
Let the stench come through

If you catch them at the station ask them how they feel
When the cradle of creation is crushed under the wheels

Do not speak oh do not speak cuz nothing's left but
Words to reap and what we sowed is ours to keep
Good day to everyone
Do not speak oh do not speak the words were lies
Our will was weak - lemmings poised to take the leap
Good day to everyone

I’d like to say it’s over and we will be okay
I’d like to say it’s over and that you feel the same

Once upon a time there was some writing on the wall
We all ignored until the time when there was war and
Feasts of famine at our door - once upon a time there
Was a line that we had drawn we wouldn’t cross cuz it
Was wrong but lines are bendable and seldom very long

Fear leaves a trace of something stale
A wasteland of memory of how we failed
All we need is time, all we need is time
But time’s too damned unkind