by Phideaux

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released November 25, 2003

Ariel Farber: Vocals

Valerie Gracious: Vocals

Richard J Hutchins: Drums

Gabriel Moffat: Funeral Water, Sonar, Space Guitar, Funeral Voices, Space Beeps

Phideaux Xavier: Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Mellotron, Synthesizer, Autoharp, Organ


Neil Citron: Fretless Bass, Backwards Messages (5)

D.J. Demigod: Sound Design (2, 3, 4)

Stefanie Fife: Cello

David Gervai: Digital Stretching Treatments, Harmonizer

Will Guterman: Vocals

Julie Hair: Bass (2, 3, 4, 7)

Mizue Kido: Vocals, "Wait for the sound" (5, 10)

Kramer: Bass, Organ, Fuzz Bass, Harpsichord, Baritone & Noise Guitar, Electric Piano, High Voice, Echo

Tess Kramer: Narration, Vocals, Countdown

Sydney Moffat: Vocals

Kelci Moffat: "One"

Catherine Nance: "Hello?"

Armen Ra: Theremin



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Track Name: Fragment

Once for a while
I was by your side
Standing so close
But we did not smile
I saw you lose control
I saw your system overload

Go away, away, away

In the shadow of that night
We cried
Like two lost cars
With crashing lights

Once for a while
I was next to you
You looked away
Though you did not move
I wished to hold you near
I tried to reach your inner ear

Stay away, away, away

In the silence of that night
We tried
To break the seal to what's inside
Like strangers on familiar land
We navigate
But can't understand

Now I'm awake
I can see behind
You were afraid
I was paralyzed
I saw you round the bend
And knew the way that it would end
I wished to hold you near
And cheat the fates of what was clear

Stay away, away, away
Track Name: Animal Games

Worms in the soil are moving down
Birds in the air scope the ground
Snakes in the grass slither, it's true
And if you're a mouse, you'd better move

Animal games
All around and everyone plays
Animal ways
Be aware and very afraid

Cats in their trees are smiling down
Monkeys and bats just hangin' 'round
Out in the fields the buffalo graze
Wolves in the brush are fixing their gaze
And down by the pond the bears are in tow
Snatching some fish who swam much too slow

Meanwhile, an experiment...
Rabbits are treated with fresh lemon scent
And down in the lab beneath cold doctors' feet
The monkey's are trying to get some relief
Their comrades are tortured in front of their eyes
By animals meaner than any alive

Animal games
Most are nice but some are strange
Animal games
Seems to me we're all the same
Seems to me that we're all the same in different ways
Track Name: 100 mg
100 mg

My fingers are trembling
My hands have gonve blue
My lungs are now gasping for air it is true
And I find my little self
Scared in this cage
But 100 milligrams would take it away

My wall it is cracking
My one safety zone
The door is in pieces outside of my home
And up on this roof where you'll fine me now
100 milligrams talking me down

Sneaking through jungles of fall away ground
Tear at this forest, try to get out
100 milligrams set your mind free
100 milligrams is all that I need

We're finding a place in peace for a dream
Sorting out pieces of some ancient scene
Of a time when tears could freely flow
Before 100 milligrams dried up my soul
Before 100 milligrams turned me to stone
Track Name: Hellphone

Talk to the wind that passes you by
There's work to be done while your carpet rides
Pressed to the ear, eyes wide blind

On the Hellphone

Wireless snakes are luring you in
Step right up, let Babel begin
When they call for you, just let it ring

On the Hellphone

Do you hear? Anyone here?
The signal is clear...

The call of the Hellphone
We're all on the Hellphone
The call of the Hellphone
We're on the Hellphone
Track Name: Little Monster

The ghost is very still
Captive of the past
Trapped inside of nothing
'Cuz nothing seems to last
The world is thin and slippery
Difficult to grasp
Release might come
But what a price you ask

Again, again, he walks again
Enacts the same, talks again
He walks again, again the same
He thinks the thoughts
Again, again

Again you come to play
You just can't stay away
But it's not true
You do not have to stay

Little monster go outside
Little monster fly
Little monster try

You probably know the story
Heard from many tongues
Seen around the neighborhood
The repetitious one
An insect in the amber
Is as much alive
As this wraith that lingers here
This half-forgotten child

Little monster leave this time
Little monster fly
Little monster try

Dragons live forever
But not little boys
The end could come from an orphan gun
Taken as a toy

Little monster leave this time
Little monster
Track Name: Headstones

I've been running all my life
Like a chicken heading for the knife
Inside the farmer's pen
Most of me was left behind
In the school where I once learned to write
With my father's pen

Mighty was the sword I thrust
Until the words betrayed my trust
And secrets gave away
I was young and juvenile
Inferno hot and volatile
I had so much to say

And the children in the park are playing
Suspiciously they look to me
Like headstones in a graveyard swaying

Sometimes it is hard to see
That all we have is what we need
And I'm always wanting more
When you're lost with no one else
It doesn't help to find yourself
It helps to find the door

And the children in the graveyard are playing
And the headstones are silently waiting

History is littered with
Has-beens who have never lived
Do not look away
This could be your destiny
Unless you learn that you are free
And leave behind the chains

And the children in the graves are playing
And the headstones are the only thing staying
Track Name: Fiendish

It is me again
Don't turn away
There is something to say

We are guilty

Once for awhile there was fire because of spark
Once for awhile there was light beside the dark

We are guilty
Track Name: Vultures & Mosquitoes

Vultures wait in the everglades
Staying very still they can calculate our fate:
Mosquitoes wait for the candidate
Staying very still though they undulate, they crave:

But it's all they know
It's all that comes through
It's all they know
And all that consumes with a violence
It comes through in the silence

I want you to know
I want you

Vultures fly over passersby
With a hunting eye that is never dry and cries
When it's all through
Mosquitoes wait in the Bering straits
Hover high and low over frozen space
Hearts can freeze too

And it's all you know
It's all that comes through you
It's all you know
And all that consumes you with violence
It comes through you in silence

Vultures down in the underground
In a tunnel where they are often found
Surrounded but alone
Mosquitoes swarm until early dawn
With a life so short they can not afford
Delaying, playing, saying, praying

'Cuz it's all they know
And all that comes through you
And all that consumes you in the silence
It comes through you with violence

I want you to know
I want you
Track Name: Soundblast

Wait for the sound
You run, you see, you will fall down
I had it all
Now to take the final fall
I had it all, had it all

Wait for the sound
Wait for the sound
It's coming down
Wait for the sound

We are in possession
Of the most destructive explosive
Devised by man
We have just begun
To use this weapon
Against your homeland

Evacuate your cities

I have you to blame
For nothing
Will be the same

I have you to blame
For nothing
Track Name: Space Brother

When you coming
Space brother
You been here before

Are you coming
Space brother
You've been here before

I'll be here
I'll be here
I'll be waiting here

I'll be here
I'll be here
I'll wait here for you

I was thinking
Space brother
Thinking you were near

You take care now
Space brother
When you came back here